Nature and Stretton Climate Care

Nature and Stretton Climate Care

Nature and Climate are inextricably linked


Nestled at the foot of the Long Mynd, the string of the Strettons settlements (All Stretton, Church Stretton and Little Stretton) are surrounded by the beautiful countryside of south Shropshire which sits in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

With such a privileged position, the residents of the Strettons and surrounding villages and hamlets are very mindful of Nature in all its guises. We are blessed with many skilled people who look after our landscape, from the agricultural industry to other professionals and volunteers working in a myriad of organisations.

Stretton Climate Care aims to work with those organisations – most SCC Members are also members of many of the organisations mentioned below. It is our experience however, that individuals who come to Stretton Climate Care events wish to be able to talk about how we can all help to mitigate the impact of climate on Nature and Food production and supply. We generally defer to our colleagues in one or more of the organisations described below.


We are fortunate that much of work of collating the organisations active in Nature in the Strettons has already been done and we would refer you to the organisation of that name. Two organisations deserve specific attention:

Shropshire Hills National Landscape (all designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty across England and Wales have become National Landscapes). Their website informs us:

The new name reflects the national importance of these areas: the vital contribution they make to protect the nation from the threats of climate change, nature depletion and the wellbeing crisis. The new name will also create greater understanding and awareness for the work of the whole National Landscapes family … the National Landscapes’ vision [is] to be the leading exemplars of how thriving, diverse communities can work with and for nature in the UK: restoring ecosystems, providing food, storing carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change, safeguarding against drought and flooding, whilst also nurturing people’s health and wellbeing.

Church Stretton is the only market town in England to sit within an AONB.

Within the Shropshire Hills National Landscape is the Stepping Stones Project, a landscape-scale nature conservation project. The 50-year vision is for natural habitats in the Shropshire Hills to be restored, healthy and connected, and for the people who live, work and play in this remarkable area to understand and support their efforts.

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