We are a Registered Charity – All of the work we carry out, all the battles we fight, all the events we put on to raise awareness and all the help and advice we offer to those who need it – is all carried out by volunteers – local people who give hours of their time.

We mainly spend money on communicating with people – printing, displays, leaflets, postage – and this website. But we sometimes give big grants such as over £3,000 to provide Shropshire’s first Electric Car Charging Point in Church Stretton

Two Easy Ways to Donate

Donate to Stretton Climate Care
We funded the Stretton EV point – Give to support projects like this
  1. Send us a one off donation through PayPal.If you have a PayPal account (and/or a credit card) and feel like supporting us right now, then please just click the button and off you go. You can give as little as £1 – every little helps. Every donation makes us smile – it doesn’t matter how much it is for.

  2. Sign Up to the Giving Machine and give for free!This is a great option that won’t cost you a penny. The Giving Machine is an organisation that is set up for online shoppers to give something back to their chosen charity or charities.
    It is free to sign up and takes minutes. Next time you buy online the company you buy from gives a percentage to the Giving Machine, who pass it on to us. Over 2000 stores, hotels and companies are part of this scheme, including Amazon, Ebay and Tesco.

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The Giving Machine Donate for free

Support and Donations

Donating to Stretton Climate Care is easy and won’t cost you a penny to support our planet.
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Stretton Climate Care Events

Stretton Climate Care host regular local event for all the family.