What’s the issue with Transport and what do we need to do?

Transport creates a large proportion of our Green House Gas emissions which are causing global heating with all the adverse consequences which result. In Shropshire in 2021 transport emissions created about 26% of our total emissions which is the second largest sector after agriculture. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions to reduce the impact of climate change. The government has declared a climate emergency and declared that we must reach net zero emissions by 2050. However, the interim target of a 68% reduction by 2030 is more challenging and as things stand unlikely to be met. A huge effort will be needed to avoid the most disastrous consequences of global heating. Therefore, we must reduce the emissions being created by transport. Over the last 15 years transport’s emissions have not reduced very much while emissions from housing and other sectors have reduced a lot. Transport emissions from motor vehicles also creates adverse health impacts with premature death being caused to millions of people worldwide breathing poor air. Our lack of exercise through using the car also leads to poor health outcomes.

 How to reduce emissions from traffic? (DeutscheGesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, 2019

Examples of Avoid using transport would include buying goods locally using the telephone or internet or even taking a short journey with a vehicle rather than ordering a national delivery.  We may be able to view a film or a stage production on-line or work from home one or more days a week for example.

Examples of Shift would involve a change the choice of mode of transport from a car journey to public transport or cycling and walking. Nearly 50% of car journeys are under 1 mile. Church Stretton is already a15 minute City for most of our houses!  Electric bikes are much easier to ride and help with balance as well as climbing our hills.

Examples of Improve include switching to a battery electric vehicle from a petrol or diesel vehicle. Cheaper models are being launched and there is now a growing used vehicle market with affordable prices.

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