Home Energy Checks

Home Energy Checks

Home energy check

Stretton Climate Care offer a FREE Home Energy Check to all homes within an approximate 6 mile radius of Church Stretton. This home energy check will look at your use of energy for heating and lighting, household appliances and travel. From the information you provide, your home energy visitor will calculate your carbon footprint. We will then produce a report identifying ways in which you can save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Reduce your bills!

We have carried out hundreds of these surveys. We revisited some of our clients after a period of 12 months and on average carbon emissions reduced by approximately 14%. This also means they have reduced their energy consumption – and their energy bills.
If you would like a home energy check, you can download it, fill it in and send it back to us. We will then enter the data into a carbon calculator and send you the results. All data remains anonymous. We can’t save the results, so the data we send you will be the only copy.

Saving energy in the home

We’re not interested in how much you are spending or which energy company you are with. When you receive your energy audit report you will have a better idea of your energy consumption. If you then want to invest in energy efficient technology we can put you in touch with approved contractors that we have vetted. If you do decide to go with one of our contractors, please mention us to them.
The more people that reduce their carbon usage, the better the chances of keeping our planet habitable. Every little helps!
We do also offer a home visit and we will fill out the survey for you. Give us a call on 07528 493181 or email to request your home energy survey. Start reducing your energy costs today.

If you have already had an energy check with us and would like to support us in continuing to provide this FREE service to the good people of Church Stretton, you can donate here. Thank you in advance!

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