Stretton Climate Care AGM

Stretton Climate Care AGM

Following our formal AGM business we are going to listen to the views of young people on the climate and biodiversity crises. We’ve invited a group of young people who will get the debate started. The panel includes Jess Walton from the Marches Energy Agency; Xander Wood from the Woodland Trust Youth Council; Amber Quraishi from the National Highways Carbon team; Jack Garner and Lucy Ockenden from Church Stretton School.

We look forward to hearing their views on the climate and biodiversity crises. We’ll discuss what the priorities should be for action, and how we can empower new generations by supporting them and taking action now.
Too often we hear views expressed such as “I’m too old to switch to driving an electric car” or “If I fit insulation now, I won’t see the benefit in my lifetime” or “I’m waiting for the government to do something first”. Yet we’ve never met anyone who isn’t concerned about the prospects for future generations, notably their children or grandchildren. So, why don’t we listen more to their views and concerns?
Whether young or old, do join us and give your views in response to the panel discussion.


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