Community Led Plan – Environment Response

Community Led Plan – Environment Response

Did you contribute to the Stretton Town Council Community Led Plan (CLP)? Stretton Climate Care Trustees have submitted a response to environmental considerations.

The environmental dimension places our concerns about the here-and-now into the global and historic context. Because as global citizens, fleeting guests sharing this beautiful and fragile planet, we can’t respond only as local residents in this secure and relatively privileged corner of the world. The survival of countless other creatures is bound with our own.

The climate emergency and the Covid-19 crisis together emphasise that decisions will have lasting repercussions for good or ill. Our values and lifestyles will shape our community.

You can read the full response (revised Nov 2021):

Revised Submission to Environment brief of CLP by SCC 11 11 2021

It lays out the issues, policies, actions and recommendations we suggest should be included in the Plan. Once we are out of lockdown, the CLP will be subject to extensive consultation, discussions and public debate.

We welcome your comments, suggestions or questions on the submission to [email protected].