COP 23 – the news for them is not good

COP 23 – the news for them is not good

The World Metrological Organisation had bad news for the COP meetings which have just begun.

“Many of the extraordinary weather events seen this past year have been the hallmarks of climate change. Frequent hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, record high temperatures, increasing food insecurity damaging weather extremes and it will get worse.” The consequences of today’s greenhouse gas emissions will take some 30 years to show their full effects.

“We are all at risk. Countries economies and the very fabric of life on earth will increasingly suffer unless we get C02 emissions down and quickly get on track with the aims of the Paris Agreement.”

Gloom and doom?  Probably but there is good news too. All countries except the U.S.A. have signed up to the Paris Agreement and there are signs of Climate Optimism.

Watch this space for news from COP 23