Review of Electric Car Day, Sep 2017

Review of Electric Car Day, Sep 2017

Well that’s over for another year. Mercedes in Shrewsbury brought a C class plug-in hybrid and the very snazzy Smart electric car, W.R. Davies from Telford brought a Nissan Leaf and the interesting Nissan eNV-200 7 seater people carrier and BMW Rybrook brought the latest i8 all the way from Warwick. The dealership support was much appreciated. Thank you.

But yet more came. Privately owned … a Kia Niro, Renault Zoe, a Peugeot Ion, a BMW i3, three Leaf’s and a different version of the eNV-200 Combi 7 – seater which the owner claimed was big enough inside with the seats down to carry three sheep! Owners took folk out for short experience rides and the coffee from Entertaining Elephants was much appreciated.

Jon had to get up early for a live interview with Radio Shropshire, our display space was full – of cars and people and the charging post has now been used 1052 times since it was installed  A great day. The future is definitely electric.

What did the punters say…. cost, battery range and lack of charging posts in Shropshire were areas of concern but interest in electric cars is definitely growing.

Over to readers for any more comments.