Stretton Residents Report Big Pollution Reductions

Stretton Residents Report Big Pollution Reductions

Stretton residents have achieved a whopping 15% CUT in their pollution profile- that’s the fantastic message from our first follow -up visits! With over 300 Stretton households now having had a free energy check, we’ve gone back to those we saw first to see how they’re getting on. And with one in eight revisited, we can proudly report that the AVERAGE reduction is a staggering 14.9% – 1.24 Tonnes of CO2 per household!

People who signed up to the 10:10 campaign undertook to reduce their pollution profile by 10% by the end of 2010 – BUT the first 36 we followed up have beaten that target by nearly half again! The total reduction was 44.66 TONNES of CO2.

WE SAY – BRILLIANT!! WELL DONE!! YABADABADOOO!! YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!! (we’re pretty pleased, actually)

The biggest drop (21.7%) was in travel, with heating and lighting down 13.4%. So there’s been fewer flights booked, more careful use of the car, more cavity walls insulated, a lot of low energy light bulbs introduced and quite a bit of money saved!!  Looks like people in Stretton are changing the way they behave by reducing pollution and wasting less – without spoiling their quality of life. Right on, Stretton!

It is rumoured that our very own Carboholic – who is not in this first set of results – went cold turkey (frozen turkey, actually) by removing his oil fired cooker!  As it also supplied hot water, we’ve been avoiding him recently…

Watch this space for more details…