Cooks the Same, uses 20% of the Energy

Cooks the Same, uses 20% of the Energy

We’ve been plugging the Remoska cooker for a while now, not because we sell them or get commission on sales (we don’t), but because they are really really energy efficient compared with yer average cooker.

Wally and Meriel halved their electricity bill once they got one, and take great delight in showing it to all and sundry. Here’s their paean of praise for a bit of low tech we can all take up.


No, not a dance from Central Europe, but an electric mini-oven, with a lid that does the cooking. It was originally developed before the War, in what was then Czechoslovakia. They have been around in their updated form for about four years, and have attracted universal praise, including Winner of the Good Housekeeping Innovation Award.

It is available in three sizes, the Baby, the Standard, and the Grand, and is a versatile cooking pan, that can cook virtually anything you would in a standard oven, but at a fraction of the cost. It consists of a Teflon-lined pan,(2 sizes available) a stand, and a lid with a built-in heating element. The Baby, for 1-2 people, uses 230 watts, the Standard 470 Watts, and the Grand, for 4-6 people, uses 650 Watts

By comparison, a conventional oven uses 25-30 Kilowatts, and in many cases, the Remoska will cook faster than a conventional oven anyway, as there is no heating up time. It works from a normal wall socket, and reaches working temperature almost immediately, of 190-220 degrees, or Gas mark 5-6. Potential savings of 80% less electricity than a normal oven are claimed, when using the Standard model, and the relevance to a world seeking carbon reduction can readily be seen. Put another way, the big oven uses around 2500 Watts, the equivalent of 25x 100W bulbs. The Remoska, using 470W, is less than 5x 100W bulbs.

Many people, living in flats, or boats, bought a Remoska on account of its compact size, but it was quickly realised that the stove had an application in the home. Don’t confuse it with a slow cooker; it’s a mini-oven

We have owned a Remoska in this household now for about 18 months, and we can honestly say that we have not used the main oven since. It also does an excellent job of cooking food, be it roast, bake or grill, and there is also a recipe book, for those who like to experiment. The only aspect of its use that needs care lies in handling the very hot lid, after cooking

A Microwave, which is also energy efficient, does not have as wide a range of cooking possibilities. Households fitted with a Rayburn or Aga type stove might find the mini-oven a boon in the summer months, when the big stoves tend to overheat the kitchen (at great expense)

The Remoska is only available through ‘Lakeland’ stores, and may be viewed on their website. It is not  cheap to buy, but the potential savings in electricity may soon be recouped.