More Local Heros

More Local Heros

We are pleased to be able to report that people in our community are taking taking up the challenge against climate change and here are two good examples.


Ruth and Tony have installed a 40Kw woodchip burner at Womerton Farm which currently heats their farmhouse and the Bunk House across the yard. Very soon it will also heat two adjacent holiday cottages.

All wood is sourced locally and is chipped and stored on site, thus reducing transport costs. This results in a heating system that has very low running costs and negligible impact on the environment.


Pat is a local town resident and has had a light tube installed in her middle terrace house. Her bathroom had no natural light so she hired local contractor Lee Brown to install a light tube she purchased in Leebotwood. By day the bathroom needs no additional lighting and is bright enough at night to prevent tripping over the rubber duck.

Two very different examples but with a common theme – saving energy.