Our Local Heroes

Our Local Heroes

A big round of applause for the following individuals and organisations who have taken positive steps towards reducing their carbon footprints.

Plastic Bags

The Co-op has had bio-degradable bags for some time and now Mr. Bun has joined the ranks of the eco-friendly. There is also a new collection point in the Lutwytch Rd Car Park for tetra packages.

Long Mynd Hotel

The Long Mynd Hotel is taking huge strides forwards. Midlands Wood Fuel will be installing a 150 kW wood chip boiler to supply the bulk of heating and hot water. This new system will reduce the hotel’s carbon dioxide emissions by 95 tonnes. And a further standing ovation to the Hotel as they have already switched over 200 light bulbs to low energy bulbs. This move has saved them an enormous £2,250 on their annual electricity bill.

Solar Panels

Charles West has installed solar panels on his house, as has our Chair, Long Mynd Hotel